The Amazon affiliate works just like all other affiliate programs: you have the chance to earn a commission by promoting their products. When your visitor will click on the link to the product presented in your blog (in an article, in a banner or where you want) will be directed to the Amazon page where the product is sold, if within 24 hours make a purchase you will perceive a commission. You sign up for the affiliate program: Amazon Affiliate WebsitesAs I’ve been saying for some time now, Amazon affiliates are one of the best ways to make money with a blog, and there are several reasons.

In the past Amazon started with just books, today it sells practically everything that is sensible to send, from clothing, to electronics, from games to home furnishings and even today foodstuffs. There are no limits on Amazon commissions.The advertising fees that the Amazon program gives you vary between 1 and 10% depending on the product category. They are not very high, it is true, but your earnings depend on the price of the product, and can be really consistent. So I suggest you start with the ones with the highest percentage.

Imagine having a micro-niche Blog on Rolex and even sell only 1 watch from 9600 euros per week, they are 960 euros (10%) that you take home. 960 x 4 weeks are 3840 euros per month. A ok then are you thinking that Rolex is too niche or perhaps too difficult to sell? Well meanwhile there are also other brands on Amazon as even cheaper watches, but in any case I want to give you another example on clothing. We take the mic niche of bags or motorcycle jackets.

Where among other things there are millions of fans who spend a lot on 2 wheels.With an average of 2-300 euros and calculating one or two winds a day you are about to earn a decent amount. People buy different objects together. I think it happened to you too, when you found an object that you needed and you bought online or directly on Amazon, you did not settle for just one object, but while you were there, you also bought other related items.

The up-sell and cross-sell mechanism that has been in existence in the US for tens of years and Amazon is no exception, showing you the products related to the one you are interested in. This mechanism exploits the psychological mechanism of social proof: if others do it, then that’s fine. And more sales for you affiliate means more commissions.

Here’s how to start your first Amazon Affiliate Websites/ Blog

So now I finish this mega article with a checklist of the whole process that will lead you to earn with your blog simply recommending the products in Micro niches (niches of super enthusiasts of a specific product).

  • Create your wordpress blog
  • Write articles on the various types of products (news, classics, etc.)
  • Sign up for an affiliate program (Amazon etc.)
  • Look for products that are consistent with your niche
  • Promote ONLY products that sell well (minimum 7-10%)
  • Promote product categories and personalized searches
  • Add related products
  • Enter the Banners and Amazon affiliate links several times
  • Optimize the site in SEO
  • Create a new FB FAN page and advertise the Amazon Affiliate Websites


As we said, the micro niche Amazon Affiliate Websites are very targeted and for this reason they are dedicated to a very specific audience. This is an advantage because that public is seriously interested in the subject but it is also a disadvantage in that it is reduced in quantity compared to a wider and more general public. But you do not care for the general public who is usually just curious and does not have buy-intent, you just need what’s already in mind the product to buy and want the opinion of an expert for the latest advice.