Do not make suspense last longer, in watchmaking too, size matters because it has an important influence on style, but also on comfort.


If you have been interested in luxury watches for some time, you may not have noticed that the average size of watches has increased significantly in the last decade. However, it has been noted that, for a few months, this has stabilized or even decreased; it is true that this race to diameter could not continue without risk of seeing confused beautiful watchmaking and beautiful clock

These changes in trends mean that, without really knowing why, the size of Beverly hills luxury watches often generates lively debates between fans of beautiful Beverly hills luxury watches. Each one gives with conviction his vision of the good size and of course the bad ones.


There is obviously no question here to restart such a debate because, let’s be clear, there is neither good nor bad size, everything is a matter of taste and only the wrist trial can deliver a reliable verdict.

However, to avoid disappointing tests, it is still highly recommended during the preselection to follow a rule so that the watch is more likely to pose properly on the wrist. Thus, one must look at his wrist from above and consider its width: the length of the case of the watch, horned horns, should ideally be less than this width .

Even if it is to be considered for the length of the bracelet, the measurement of the wrist is not sufficient; the morphological differences make some wrists flatter and others rounder. Even with similar wrist tricks, some will wear some diameters better than others.


Within the framework defined by this recommendation, when the watch is centered, the distance between the tip of the horns and the edge of the wrist becomes a matter of taste and style.

For a casual or sporty style for example, the watch can quite occupy the entire width of the wrist or almost, something to avoid for a more dressy or conventional style, if only for the watch can pass under a sleeve of shirt And for those who want to wear the same watch in all circumstances, many models offer a perfect compromise.


Beautiful luxury watches are generally harmoniously proportioned and the choice of diameter will induce more or less the thickness of your timepiece.

It is generally found that the more functions and complications there are, the more complex the movement, the more the dials and hands are superimposed, and the greater the overall thickness of the watch. Another channel: used pseudo sellers like MMC, Cresus or Time Addict. They buy the goods from distributors or brands and resell them on their site with the mention “recent occasion”. “I sent a mailing to major brand retailers in July to ask for their end of the series and a score of them answered me, much more than usual and at much lower prices”, testifies one of them. them on condition of anonymity. And if, there too, the stocks are overflowing, these companies then resell to online sales sites type “This is the first time this year that I’m doing a Rolex sale,” says Swen Lung,’s boss. More direct, some brands, like Bulgari recently, organize private sales to staff on the Internet with much wider access. Or like Chaumet or Cartier, sales “charity”. “These sales make it possible to sell the difficult parts,” says the management of the watchmaking branch of Galeries Lafayette.

Big brands cultivate discretion on the subject

Finally, whatever the channel, the whole thing is to stay as discreet as possible. Because all watch companies are aware of the danger that such practices pose to their image. For small businesses like Patek Philippe, Hublot or Panerai, it is relatively easy to control the actual sales of authorized distributors to end consumers. “When a shop orders me five identical luxury watches, I do not deliver the second until we bring proof of the sale of the first,” says Jean-Claude Biver. “I try as much as possible to keep the supply below demand by, for example, making a limited series of 500 pieces,” says Bell & Ross CEO Carlos Rosillo. The big houses, which brew thousands of luxury watches, have more trouble doing the police.

Factory outlets to clear obsolete models

But big brands are struggling to allow their sales to make less than before. A schizophrenic attitude that the boss of LVMH watch division, Philippe Pascal, resolves as follows: “to avoid over-stocks pushed by sales representatives, our subsidiaries are appreciated on the sell-in (sales to distributors) and the sell-out (distributor sales to consumers) at the same time. ” Finally, to avoid parallel sales, still remains the good old method of the discount. This Christmas, Tag Heuer offered his loyal US customers $ 500 on luxury watches online worth about $ 3,000. But as there, too, the danger of degrading his image is strong, Philippe Pascal found the parade by creating factory outlets to destock obsolete models. “Everyone is there,

The decline in production should dry up the source

Only good news in this blackboard, houses now seem to have taken the measure of the problem of stocks and strongly limit their production. Once this big cleaning operation is over, everything should be in order. Only nightingales will continue singing on distant branches of Africa or Russia.