A croupier should bring two things in particular: a serious demeanor and a knack for numbers. A well-groomed appearance is absolute standard. Suit and bow tie are the working clothes of a croupier. Although he is generally required restraint and a certain discretion, he should practice good manners and etiquette. Although the glitz of old times does not shine quite as brightly, courtesy and attentive behavior towards the guests is still mandatory.

A larger conversation with the players is prohibited, and colleagues do not address themselves in front of the guests by name. The art is to maintain anonymity and professionalism while maintaining a pleasant atmosphere at the tables. A croupier is capable of dealing with all the states of mind of his players and accomplish the highs and lows of a game night. What do you do when a player tries to secretly manipulate the game? How do you deal with players who have gambled away house and yard and are desperately plunging on the chips? In a nutshell: It requires a sure instinct in dealing with guests.

Add to that the dexterity in handling chips and cards. The hand movements must be elegant and flowing. The stacking of the chips and the card shuffling must go smoothly in every new cycle. Sometimes it takes years to perfect the kettle or the flawless grip on the rateau, one of the complicated “tools” of a croupier.

Technology has taken on many tasks for us, who still counts in our heads today? You pull out your smartphone and receive calculation results in seconds. The arithmetic has been preserved the job of the croupier, mental arithmetic is part of everyday work. When collecting the chips, he counts – of course, without noticing it – in the head of profit sums, which he immediately elegantly paid. One small mistake is enough to lose the authority at the table.

Working hours and payment

The working hours are more for night owls, as it is in other entertainment industries. Of course, there are shift systems, but if you want to work in a casino เว็บแทงบอล, you have to adjust permanently to nocturnal working hours, usually until four o’clock in the morning.

The pay of the staff at the table is still a special feature. You are paid from the “Tronc”. That’s the money that players give to employees as tips. The more successful the game, the more generous the players. Of course, the employees have a certain basic salary for sure. If the Tronc exceeds the sum of the basic salaries, the surplus is paid out. That is, a croupier usually has a varying monthly income. The beginner’s salary appears clearly with approx. 1500 €, later 3000 € to 5000 € are possible. However, if the players are not generous, the croupier will not have an extra cent in their pocket, much like service staff in restaurants, whose salaries are extremely dependent on the decisions of the guests.

The training as a croupier

Most of the time, the casinos take over their own croupiers. That means the casinos เว็บแทงบอล educate their offspring in educational centers that are integrated directly into the casino. However, there are also special croupier schools that offer private training as game experts, most of them are located in Switzerland and Austria, but also in the German Lindau or in Marseille on the south coast of France.

In principle, croupiers can become anyone who can prove a perfect certificate of good conduct and freedom from debt, and, of course, you also have to be of legal age.

Many are trying their luck at the entrance test of the casinos เว็บแทงบอล and most of them already fail at this first step. If you have passed the first exam, followed by a several-week, but usually several months course, the majority of the remaining participants again not withstand. In addition to the endless stacking of chips and hours of card shuffling, prospective croupiers must memorize vast amounts of number combinations and learn how to calculate winnings with ease. Alone 180 ad options in roulette must become a matter of course and the arrangement of the numbers in the boiler – forwards and backwards – belongs to the basic knowledge. Not only that: a training in the slot machine technology is usually included in the program,